Live Tuition Sessions

Here you can find links to recorded interactive tuition sessions that were broadcast live. More recent recordings are only available to students who have enrolled.

List by season

Season 9b (A Level Spring Term 2022-2023)
Season 9a (GCSE Spring Term 2022-2023)
Season 8b (A Level Autumn Term 2022-2023)
Season 8a (GCSE Autumn Term 2022-2023)
Season 7 (Summer Term 2021-2022)
Season 6 (Spring Term 2021-2022)
Season 5 (Autumn Term 2021-2022)
Season 4 (Summer Term 2020-2021)
Season 3 (Spring Term 2020-2021)
Season 2 (Autumn Term 2020-2021)
Season 1 (Summer Term 2019-2020)

List by topic

Mechanics (28 episodes)
Energy Transfers and Conservation of Energy (7 episodes)
Electricity and Circuits (16 episodes)
Waves and Optics (18 episodes)
Radioactivity and Nuclear Physics (16 episodes)
Particle Physics and Quantum Mechanics (9 episodes)
Thermal Physics and Gas Laws (7 episodes)
Fields and Capacitors (19 episodes)
Practical Skills (3 episodes)
Space Physics (7 episodes)
Special Relativity (2 episodes)