Terms and Conditions 2021

GCSE to A Level Physics Bridging Course 2021 Terms and Conditions

1 Terminology

1.1 Us or We: means Physics With Keith.

1.2 Course: means the GCSE to A Level Physics Bridging course 2021, undertaken by the Student as selected by the Parent on the Booking Form.

1.3 Course Fees: means the Fees payable by the Parent for the Course.

1.4 The Parent or You: means any person who has signed the Booking Form and/or who has accepted responsibility for a child’s attendance at this Course.

1.5 Student: means the child named on the Booking Form and/or the child who attends the Summer School.

2 General terms and conditions

2.1 These Terms and Conditions: In all cases, irrespective of whether the Parent completes the Course Booking Form these Terms and Conditions will apply to the agreement between the Us and the Parent.

2.2 Enrolment procedure: You understand and agree that:

2.2.1 You can book a place at the Course for your child by sending Us a completed Booking Form.

2.2.2 Once a completed Booking Form is received by Us, We will issue an offer letter (Offer Letter) to the Parent. The Offer Letter will set out the amount of the Course Fees and when they are to be paid and any conditions that the Student is required to fulfil before joining the Course.

2.2.3 A legally binding contract between the Parent and Us is formed on these Terms and Conditions, the Booking Form and the Offer Letter when the Course Fees are paid in full or in part before the date specified in the Offer Letter.

2.2.4 We will provide You with written confirmation of payment when the Course Fees are paid and when any conditions set out in the Offer Letter have been fulfilled.

2.2.5 If You do not pay the Course Fees in full by the date specified in the Offer LEtter or if the conditions set out in the Offer Letter are not fulfilled We may cancel the booking immediately by Notifying you in writing. If this occurs We will return any part payment of the Course Fees received from you less the third party fees imposed by other agents.

2.2.6 We will keep a copy of the Contract between Us and You.

2.3 Information for Parents: We provide You with information about Us and the educational services we provide in good faith. This information may be contained on the Physics with Keith social media channels or the Website. If You wish to take account of information provided to You when deciding whether to enter into this agreement You should seek specific confirmation from Us that the information is accurate before returning a completed booking form.

2.4 Minimum number of bookings. You understand and agree that We reserve the right to cancel the Course before its commencement date if the minimum number of bookings is not reached. If such cancellation is necessary, the Parent will be offered a full refund of the Course Fees paid at the time of cancellation, less any fees imposed by third party agents.

2.5 Changes to the Course: WE reserve the right to make changes to the Course (including any change to the timetable or the hours required for the Course) and other activities at any time and for such reasons as may be reasonable and appropriate to the effective and safe delivery of services by Us. We will endeavour to provide notice of a change and the reason for it as soon as practicable.

2.6 Publicity: the Parents consent, as far as is required under data protection law to the reasonable use of the student’s details and achievements, including images or recordings of the student howsoever made, for promotional purposes.

2.7 Personal possessions: You understand and agree that We are not able to accept responsibility for any damage to personal possessions.

2.8 Force majeure: An event beyond the reasonable control of the parties to this agreement is a Force Majeure Event. Such events include but are not limited to any worldwide event or act of God (such as war, disease outbreak, natural disaster or terrorist attack). We reserve the right to cancel the Course in the case of a Force Majeure Event and the Parents understands that:

2.8.1 If We are prevented from or delayed in carrying out our obligations under this agreement by a Force Majeure Event, We shall immediately notify the Parent in writing (email) and shall be excused from performing our obligations while the Force Majeure Event continues.

2.8.2 We may give the PArent the option of the Student attending a different course as an alternative to cancelling the course or programme. The Parent will be under no obligation, however, to accept the Students’ attendance at a different course. If the Course is cancelled because of a Force Majeure Event or if the Parents do not accept a different Course, We will refund any Course Fees paid less any fees imposed by third party agents. If the Course has commenced the refund will be pro-rated to reflect the amount of time the Student has attended.

2.9 Liability and disclaimer: You understand and agree that:

2.9.1 We do not accept responsibility for death or personal injury.

2.10 Complaints: If you are not happy with any aspect of the Course, You must let Us know so that we have the opportunity to investigate and rectify the situation.

2.10.1 If the Student has a problem or concern, he/she must speak to Us straight away in order for us to deal with the problem.

2.10.2 If the problem is not resolved promptly by Us and the Parent would like to make an official complaint, they should contact Us in writing (by email).

3 Early departure and cancellation

3.1 Cancellation policy: If You need to cancel the Course for any reason before it begins, You must inform the Us in writing (by email) immediately. Cancellation takes effect from the date when the We receive this notification.

3.1.1 If the cancellation takes place 14 days or more prior to the Course start date, no Course fees will be refunded unless in exceptional circumstances and at the sole discretion of Us.

3.2 Early cancellation: You may cancel the contract within fourteen days from the date of payment of all or any part of the Course Fees. Any transaction fees imposed by third party agents will not be refunded.

3.3 Early departure: Once the Course has started if You decide to withdraw the Student from the Course, or if the Student withdraws him/herself before the end of the Course You may do so on the understanding that no refund of Course Fees will be made, save in exceptional circumstances and at the sole discretion of Us. Exceptional circumstances may include but are not limited to:

3.3.1 a serious breach of these Terms and Conditions by the Us;

3.3.2 cases of serious illness or genuine hardship.

4 Health and welfare

4.1 Student’s health: By completing and returning the Booking Form You confirm that the Student is in good mental health and is not participating against the advice of any doctor or qualified healthcare professional.

5 Student behaviour

5.1 Course rules: You warrant that the Student will at all times during the Course follow the rules on behaviour and discipline as set out below. The Parent should ensure that s/he and the Student has read these rules

5.1.1 Students must refrain from swearing, or engaging in hateful communication, including racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or comments relating to religion. 

5.1.2 Students must not share personal details about themselves with other Students, such as their address, social media aliases, or telephone numbers.

5.1.3 Students must not share images that are inappropriate or illegal.

5.1.4 Students must not engage in bullying behaviour.

5.1.5 Students must not behave in a way that inhibits or negatively affects the learning of other Students, such as spamming.

5.2 Discipline and sanctions: If the Student does not follow the Course rules, You agree that the We may discipline them and/or impose a sanction. Parents understand and agree that:

5.2.1 In cases of persistent misbehaviour or rudeness, for very serious incidents, or if a student breaks the UK law, then he/she will be expelled from the Course immediately, with no refund of Course Fees.

6 Data protection

6.1 Data protection: By completing the Booking Form and/or agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions You on behalf of yourself and, so far as You are able, on behalf of the Student acknowledge that the We may process such personal information as is deemed necessary for the legitimate purposes of the Course.

6.2 Privacy notice: If you would like further information about how the We processes personal information, please see our privacy policy which is published on our website here: https://physicswithkeith.com/privacy-policy/ 

7 Governing Law

7.1 Governing law: The contract between the Us and You is provided in English, and together with each matter relating to the provision of services by the Us and is subject exclusively to the laws and courts of England and Wales.