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Recorded tuition sessions by series

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Tuition sessions and videos sorted by topic

The earlier tutorials tended to have more than one topic in each session. Those marked with a star are A-Level only. This list was last updated on 7th April 2021.

Forces and motion

‣Force and acceleration (S03E02, Prac)
‣Momentum (S03E01)
‣Newton’s Laws of Motion (S03E01, S01E09, Song)
‣Equations of motion (S03E05)
‣*Deriving the equations of motion from first principles (Vid)
‣Motion graphs (S03E04, S01E11)
‣Measuring acceleration with a ticker tape timer (S01E05)
‣Freefall (Prac)
‣Adding vectors (S03E03, S01E04)
‣Resolving vectors (S03E03, S01E07)
‣Moments (S01E11)
‣*Deriving simple harmonic motion equations (Vid)
‣*Simple harmonic motion (S01E07)
‣Mechanics Isaac Physics questions (Summary, Sum2020Wk1)


‣Relevant equations (S02E02)
‣Kinetic Energy, GPE (S02E02)
‣Energy conservation (S02E03, S01E07)
‣Energy transfers (S02E01, S01E03)
‣Thermal insulation (S02E05)
‣Conduction (S02E03)
‣Convection (S02E04)
‣Radiation (S02E04)
‣Efficiency (S02E02)
‣Energy resources (S01E03)
‣Energy Isaac Physics questions (Summary, Sum2020Wk3)


‣Current and potential difference (Vid)
‣Component characteristics (S02E12)
‣Circuit rules (S02E10, S02E11)
‣Oscilloscopes (S01E08)
‣Electricity Isaac Physics questions (Summary, Sum2020Wk2)


‣Specific heat capacity (S02E06, Prac)
‣Specific latent heat (Prac)
‣Gas laws Isaac Physics questions (Summary, Sum2020Wk6)

Waves and optics

‣Geometric optics and lenses (S01E10)
‣*Stationary waves (Vid)
‣*Snell’s Law derivation (Vid)
‣*Young’s two slit interference derivation (Vid)
‣Waves and optics Isaac Physics questions (Summary, Sum2020Wk4)


‣Magnetism (S02E07)
‣Electromagnetism (S02E08)
‣Electromagnetic induction (S02E09, S01E08)
‣Oscilloscopes (S01E08)
‣Transformers (S02E09)

Radioactivity and nuclear

‣Half-life (S03E09, S03E10, S01E02)
‣Nuclear fission (S03E11)
‣Fission reactors (S03E13, S01E02)
‣*Binding energy (S03E12)
‣Changes in the nucleus (S03E09)
‣Radioactivity Isaac Physics questions (Summary, Sum2020Wk5)


(See GCSE Astronomy below)

*Quantum physics and particles

‣*Particle physics playlist (Playlist)
‣*1/12 Early models of matter (Vid)
‣*2/12 The nature of forces (Vid)
‣*3/12 The masses of particles (Vid)
‣*4/12 Detecting more particles (Vid)
‣*5/12 The particle zoo (Vid)
‣*6/12 Sorting particles (Vid)
‣*7/12 Fundamental particles (Vid)
‣*8/12 Particle notation (Vid)
‣*9/12 The weak nuclear force (Vid)
‣*10/12 Conservation rules (Vid)
‣*11/12 Making quarks (Vid)
‣*12/12 Decaying composite particles (Vid)
‣*Introduction to quantum physics (S03E07)
‣*The photoelectric effect (S03E08)


‣*Electric fields (S01E06)

Isaac Physics


19 Introduction to momentum and impulse
20 Momentum conservation
25 Component characteristics and 26 Electrical power
Circuits masterclass (1)
Circuits masterclass (2)
Vectors masterclass
Graphically adding vectors
Waves and optics

A Level

A1 Using and rearranging equations
A2 Derived and base SI units
A3 Standard form and unit prefixes
A4 Converting units
A5 Gradients and intercepts of graphs
A6 Equations of graphs
A7 Area under the line of the graph
B1 Components of a vector
B2 Adding vectors
B3 Uniform accelerated motion in one direction
B4 Trajectories
B5 Moments
B6 Stress, strain and Young’s modulus
B7 Springs
B8 Work, energy and power
B9 Energy, springs and materials
C1 Combinations of resistors
C2 and C3 Charge carriers
C4 Kirchhoff’s laws
C5 Potential dividers
C6 Internal resistance
D1 Amplitude and intensity
D2 Polarisation
D3 Path difference
D4 Interference
D5 Standing waves
D6 The photoelectric effect
D7 Quantum calculations
D8 Refraction and total internal reflection
D9 Atomic spectra
F1 Force and momentum
F2 Conservation of momentum
F3 Units of rotary motion
F4 Centripetal acceleration
G1 Kelvin scale of temperature
H1 Uniform electric fields
H2 Electric fields near point charges

GCSE Physics

Measuring Specific Heat Capacity
Measuring Specific Latent Heat of Fusion of Ice
Electric Current and Potential Difference
Measuring Force and Acceleration

A Level Physics

Calculus playlist
Particle physics playlist
Determination of g by Freefall
Stationary waves
Snell’s Law derivation
Young’s two slit interference equation derivation
Deriving the equations of motion for constant acceleration from first principles
Deriving simple harmonic motion equations

GCSE Astronomy

Topic 1: The Earth
Topic 2: The Lunar Disc
Topic 3: Earth-Moon-Sun Systems
Topic 4: Time and the Earth-Moon-Sun Cycles
Topic 5: Solar System Observation
Topic 6: Celestial Observation
Topic 7: Early Models of the Solar System
Topic 8: Planetary Motion and Gravity
Topic 9: Exploring the Moon
Topic 10: Solar Astronomy