Based somewhere in the South of Essex, I offer interactive physics tuition for GCSE and A Level via YouTube Live.

My tutorials

Tutorials are Thursday evenings, at 6pm for GCSE level and 7pm for A-Level (UK Time). Students who subscribe on Patreon can ask questions and get answers in real time. I use interactive whiteboards in the sessions so I can see students’ answers as they write them. I try to make sessions as interactive as possible.

Sessions are recorded. If a student misses a session they can watch it back. If they need to go back and see an explanation again, they have the option of doing so. Only enrolled students will be given the link to the recordings.

It costs £10 per month to enrol, or contact me if you cannot afford the subscription. There are at least 36 sessions in the year, and each session is 40 minutes long. On average over the year, that works out to be £5 per hour, or £3.33 per session. Enrolment is handled through Patreon.

The sessions are delivered to small groups, so everyone gets to participate, everyone gets to have their answers to questions checked, and everyone gets the chance to ask for the help they need.

Enrolment also grants students access to a repository of resources via a locked Discord channel, which will help them push their Physics understanding even further, and they will also get access to a patron-only Discord channel too.

I am a fully qualified and experienced physics teacher. Find out more about me

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